Review: Garmin Colorado 400t

The name "Garmin" is synonymous with "GPS," the way "Q-Tip" is synonymous with "auditory hygiene." And the Colorado 400t doesn't let us down: Its light, curved form fits easily in your palm. Navigating the great-looking interface one-handed feels easy with the help of a soft click-wheel. 3-D view helps you visualize vertical grade — as in, "We have to climb up ... that?" But included trip and waypoint software isn't Mac-compatible, and the Mac packages online are cumbersome and hard to use. Even slight bumps in travel made it short out. Garmin, listen, you're great. Now stop resting on your laurels, and reeeeally wow us.

Garmin Colorado 400t



Unbeatable form factor. Click-wheel makes navigation more than effortless. Included carabineer means accidental drops are a rare occurrence. Preloaded topo maps preprogrammed with local haunts we're predisposed to frequenting. For free. Preposterous!


Use that 'biner — a drop of about 2 feet killed the power. Dig out your spare PC, as Mac software is lacking. Despite that road-lock feature, an average of 18-20 foot accuracy makes it disorienting and dangerous to use while driving.

How We Rate

  • 1/10A complete failure in every way
  • 2/10Barely functional; don't buy it
  • 3/10Serious flaws; proceed with caution
  • 4/10Downsides outweigh upsides
  • 5/10Recommended with reservations
  • 6/10A solid product with some issues
  • 7/10Very good, but not quite great
  • 8/10Excellent, with room to kvetch
  • 9/10Nearly flawless, buy it now
  • 10/10Metaphysical product perfection